Sunday cherry sweet!

Mmm it´s tasty even to paint a cupcake!

I´m so exited about how to cut the Macedonian volunteer documentary diary thingie and to dream about travels. But soon Jamtland will show herself from her best side because soon the real winter spring will show her pretty face in glitter dust snow with a big reflecting sun and mountains looking like cupcakes!

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60:s inspired tree

Miss the bright autumn colors miss the south and miss the traveling..

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See you on the moon tonight!

Especially when I´m sick I miss Damien to get a kiss on my head and dream away. In our text messages we make dates on the moon to meet there in our dreams. Cute sweet and way to romantic yes but who says that you cant be that when you are in love? enjoy the moment and wish for it to be timeless!

Have not been making any more kikkerbillens more then in cartoon version for a while, but I have been making some more DIY clothes and the outfit on the picture is one of them. I will take photos some day and put it here together with some other ones, Inspiration is a reason to do anything. just go for it!

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What does not kill you..

Makes you wish you where dead!

No not really but again i got the winter puking disease! Think I gonna be the guinesse record book holder for having that disease most time in one year!

Finally I´m healthy and I have been allowed to use a scanner again, and on my new working practice on Filmpoolen a moviemaking place we have a super scanner that I can use all the time!! so no more excuses just cartoons and movies! Remember to love!

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A frog ass is always a frog ass!

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“They come from the moon” soap part 13

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Kikkerbillen cartoon intermission

Robert and Charlotte did not have the most fanzy meeting (on the star rehab) But they seem very happy together and sometimes even Robert have some energy otherways Charlotte have enough for two =)

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Kikkerbillen history part 4


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Special history edition part 3

Finally finally I got a new bunch of Kikkerbillen drawings! tomorrow it will be more history lessons about the frog universe and after that we will have our beloved soap “They come from the Moon”!!! Been writing some more lyrics to about time optimists (like myself) and another one about traveling (hope it will be kind of jingle for a future program) and some Inspired of Damiens great endless amount of “one shot songs” now about walls and being dressing room crazy! Got a request about a Macedonian song but I really think its going to be the time optimist song sorry Makedonia but poleka poleka! Also a very silly one about the Moonman that kinda seem to be a pervert or what?

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Dont kill animals..

Damien have been working with some short movie stuff to!

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