The History of the band

First of all, you may think that a Mooner is someone who likes to show his ass to the crowd. It s true. But it s not the only meaning.

When i meet people, they usually ask me from where i do come from. The answer used to be ”from France”. The north of france to be honest, this is the region where everybody is drunk, having sex with his family member and speaking this non understandable slang. But i got fed up with this. So i found an alternative. Now, i tell them that i´m coming from the Moon. And well, the people living there would be called the Mooners. And it s quiete great cause i always kinda felt like an alien.

But why the Moon? Maybe because it isn t that far away and some stupid people would think that it´s possible. O maybe because the hostile stony and rocky skin of this planet (o star, nobody really knows, like tomato is a vegetable o a fruit?), there is something that worth a look. You might think that living on the Moon is boring, that there is absolutely nothing to do, nobody to hang out with, that despite watching on the earth on a romantic night there is not even a bar to have a drink, that three days travelling is too much to spend one boring hour on the lamp in the night ? Yeah true. But what most of you don´t know is that on the Moon, there is a secret door located in the exact middle. Yes. And when you find it, when you open it, and when you finally enter, you find the reason why i decided to become a Mooner. Simply cause inside of the body of this planet a 24hrs a day and 7 days a week party got started. In this party, you never fell asleep, there is always alcohol, everybody is funny, food is wonderful, music is progressive and amazing. And there are a lot of awesome guest, like John Lenon o Kurt Kobain who heard about the fancy life in progress on the Moon and who decided to end up with their earth life to enjoy this new one. There is not a day without John playing ”Imagine” live. And Kurt always has a good suit for you. And for the ones who wonder, Mickael Jackson lives over there. ( Mostly because he created the Moonwalk so…)

So i live on the Moon, but sometimes i go back on Earth. Because as a Mooner, i have a mission : To make people happy . Because from the Moon, we made a statement : Earth is going fucking bad ( It s only a sum up) . So they send me back with a aim, trying to bring back something on the earth people face : something called a smile. Yes, because when i ask people on earth what s going on, they all have the same words that they spit : issues . I feel concerned and consternated . I m getting stunned of hearing people throwing up everything is bad. So i had to find an answer quickly . But i was on my own to establish a solution . And alone, how could i save your blue planet ? And then i saw Emma. Nobody really understands where she does come from . Sweden o Switzerland . O wherever. And nobody really understands her when she speaks . Usually we just say ” Yes” and acquiescing to her speech. Emma has a Mooner quality : she is nice to everyone . She could even run after a guy who just robbed her in order to give him the things he didnt take . Nice o greedy, your choice . But under her rainbow hairs and behind her colorful clothes is a character coming from a fairy tale written by Tim Burton and Gandhi, under a soundtrack of Johan Johanson. A perfect mix . So i met her in Belgrade but it s later in Greece that her and i decided to overcome human being selfishness and hostility by writing our own songs. Cause yes, songs make people smile. And songs unify people. So, to thanks her for her involvement in making the world better, Moon government, which is lead by Janis Joplin right now, decided to honor her and claimed loudly that she is officially became a Mooner. But you can become a Mooner, but you have to deserve to stay one and to belong to the Moon. So, in order to stand as a Mooner official element, her and i have to write a music album, which would be named ” The Kikkerbillen”…

/ Damien Taquet 2010-10

3 Responses to The History of the band

  1. Eleshia says:

    Oh wow… You know I too feel like
    An alien myself sometimes 🙂
    What an interesting history! Haha
    I would love to hear your music 🙂

  2. bojan says:

    lol that first picture is of real mooners came to the world 😛 😀

    Actually really funny story but i know most of the story so its nothing new to me 😛
    well i hope we will the earthlings can buy your album somewhere on the earth or we need to go to the moon? but if we go to the moon we need some intergalactic passport or?
    if we do need where can we find it?:P
    but i know the cheapest way i will just download it from some illegal sites who do allow downloading illegally 😛
    hehe well after reading this story i went insane and you did not bring a smile on my face 😛 😀 lol jk hope to see ya you two again have a great time creating your album
    and of course some other little things 😛 bye see ya

  3. tossema says:

    oh making you insane bojan brought a smile to my face atleast!
    Hope we soon can focus on our music, but for now we have Kikkerbillens everywhere and cartoons so enjoy!

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