How to make a Mohawk with stars!

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Mooners are known for having cool hair me and Damien are good examples of that, Damien have a butterflie in his neck and a ponytail in his beard and I finally got my stars back!

It takes some time to make art on your head (ca 3 hours) but this is how to do it! Cut for me its easy because I already have Mohawk but if you dont then be carefull and make straight lines and start with a very thick hawk and go thinner little by little, good idea to ask a friend but mirror works to. On the sides I shaved 6mm. Bleach (if you are not a natural blond) paint and colour! I made it in a mirror but easier to let someone else do =) I used the cheapest bleach and black haircolour I could find and special effect pink blue and green.Some other day I will show how I put it up!

Mario Davchevski Took this picture in Macedonia the rest Damien took =)

About Tossema

Hey, my name is Emma I have two blogs one is my own blog "tossema" and the other one I have with Damien for our band "the mooners" and for the moment I yust came back to Sweden. I lived in Macedonia as a EVS volounteer working for the sober organization React a magazine called Voices and with roma kidz orphants streetkidz etc. mostly with making animated movies cartoons and teater. Now im back in Sweden and try to make new project and other more or less usefull stuff =)
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1 Response to How to make a Mohawk with stars!

  1. this…is soooo awesome. I wish I had the guts to pull it off!

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