Preparing for Anti- fashion Fashion Show!

Last week and this week Damien have been my slave at the movie industry and today he made me feel really like fake celeb when we taped for the anti- fashion fashion show.

On monday we will continue recordning “in the black box” but then with mohawk! yeah! we already made some animations that we gonna ad and we got to borrow the anti- fashion song from to slow to do less! Think this gonna be awsome just a small project for the IDA project for young women to make more movies.

Untill then we will record a music video in vintage black and white super 8 style! But I dont tell to wich song yet, guess! =)

This is a sneak peak from what we taped today:

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About Tossema

Hey, my name is Emma I have two blogs one is my own blog "tossema" and the other one I have with Damien for our band "the mooners" and for the moment I yust came back to Sweden. I lived in Macedonia as a EVS volounteer working for the sober organization React a magazine called Voices and with roma kidz orphants streetkidz etc. mostly with making animated movies cartoons and teater. Now im back in Sweden and try to make new project and other more or less usefull stuff =)
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