Fruit ass?

Apples, the ass of the fruits? bought some BIG apples yummy!! And I´m cleaning my closet no skeletons or gays yet but I have a lot of clothes so you never know what can be hiding there.. found the 50:s 60:s 70:s and 80:s it is like a time travel! It always takes ages for me to make less of a mess with the clothes because I always need to do a dress up and pretend to be a doll all day (oh no it does not sound femenistic at all the anarca femenists gonna burn my clothes!! well if its only the bras then I´m okey with it!) Like I wrote earlier I´m going to try to put some more DIY and old clothes here just because when I´m traveling I never bring much clothes and I kinda miss them it is so much people that have been wearing them so much living (or dead..material things really but not in my head) history and maybe others can be inspired by them to =)

About Tossema

Hey, my name is Emma I have two blogs one is my own blog "tossema" and the other one I have with Damien for our band "the mooners" and for the moment I yust came back to Sweden. I lived in Macedonia as a EVS volounteer working for the sober organization React a magazine called Voices and with roma kidz orphants streetkidz etc. mostly with making animated movies cartoons and teater. Now im back in Sweden and try to make new project and other more or less usefull stuff =)
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