Fashion to DIY for!

Finally I laid my hands on a sewing machine again and remade and made some new clothes. It is so much fun and every time i see my closet I see changes that I want to make one day or smile when I see my strange little outfits made from draperies and other stuff. If you don t smile when you wash your clothes and seeing them drying in the sun it´s something wrong with the clothes! This one on the picture is not a dress but a two piece a short sun top and a short skirt but because its freezing winter with a shirt under and some pants.

Also I try to practice painting details humans and backgrounds so thats why all these ego pictures until I feel better about painting friends and others. Feels easier to start with to because I´m already a cartoon in my head. Dont be afraid to destroy your clothes! peace =)


About Tossema

Hey, my name is Emma I have two blogs one is my own blog "tossema" and the other one I have with Damien for our band "the mooners" and for the moment I yust came back to Sweden. I lived in Macedonia as a EVS volounteer working for the sober organization React a magazine called Voices and with roma kidz orphants streetkidz etc. mostly with making animated movies cartoons and teater. Now im back in Sweden and try to make new project and other more or less usefull stuff =)
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