Fashion to DIY for! anti fashhion fashion show

Here is one of the projects we been working on

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Damiens ripoff of my cover!

This is what we do when we are busy at work… here comes a Kikkerbillen photo shoot!

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How to make a Mohawk with stars!

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Mooners are known for having cool hair me and Damien are good examples of that, Damien have a butterflie in his neck and a ponytail in his beard and I finally got my stars back!

It takes some time to make art on your head (ca 3 hours) but this is how to do it! Cut for me its easy because I already have Mohawk but if you dont then be carefull and make straight lines and start with a very thick hawk and go thinner little by little, good idea to ask a friend but mirror works to. On the sides I shaved 6mm. Bleach (if you are not a natural blond) paint and colour! I made it in a mirror but easier to let someone else do =) I used the cheapest bleach and black haircolour I could find and special effect pink blue and green.Some other day I will show how I put it up!

Mario Davchevski Took this picture in Macedonia the rest Damien took =)

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Hitchhiking plans!

Around the 10 of april my great escape begins and I will make a travel journal and put it here on the blog! It will be a finding out what to do with my life romantic trip to my boyfriend and see france for the first time and more. Dont know for how long or where it will be a surprise! Wish me luck I start to be nervous haha!

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Magazine cover Motdrag

Here is my article about volunteering sorry its only in Swedish but in some week the documentary is finnished and you can all see what happend the crazy year in Macedonia.

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Preparing for Anti- fashion Fashion Show!

Last week and this week Damien have been my slave at the movie industry and today he made me feel really like fake celeb when we taped for the anti- fashion fashion show.

On monday we will continue recordning “in the black box” but then with mohawk! yeah! we already made some animations that we gonna ad and we got to borrow the anti- fashion song from to slow to do less! Think this gonna be awsome just a small project for the IDA project for young women to make more movies.

Untill then we will record a music video in vintage black and white super 8 style! But I dont tell to wich song yet, guess! =)

This is a sneak peak from what we taped today:

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Getting my Hippie back!

Not for valentine but for tomorrow!! and I cant wait for all the singing and being silly, its to cold to do anything more then working right now even the kikkerbillen world of cartoons have been on ice for some week and made place for some movie and DIY projects thats gonna be shown here to as soon as possible!

Dont know if i taken over my head in new projects but untill the hitchhiking and travel starts in april I have less then two months to finnish the macedonian documentary some animation a anti- fashion fashion show a super 8 movie and hopefully some musicvideos!

Peace and love to everyone and hope you all had a nice upside down ass day or moon day!

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Kikkerbillen soap part 15

After some photo shoot drawing and cleaning i feel like this:

Me and Damien fell asleep on the beach on alarm festival… summer.. festivals.. feels so far away!

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Fruit ass?

Apples, the ass of the fruits? bought some BIG apples yummy!! And I´m cleaning my closet no skeletons or gays yet but I have a lot of clothes so you never know what can be hiding there.. found the 50:s 60:s 70:s and 80:s it is like a time travel! It always takes ages for me to make less of a mess with the clothes because I always need to do a dress up and pretend to be a doll all day (oh no it does not sound femenistic at all the anarca femenists gonna burn my clothes!! well if its only the bras then I´m okey with it!) Like I wrote earlier I´m going to try to put some more DIY and old clothes here just because when I´m traveling I never bring much clothes and I kinda miss them it is so much people that have been wearing them so much living (or dead..material things really but not in my head) history and maybe others can be inspired by them to =)

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Fashion to DIY for!

Finally I laid my hands on a sewing machine again and remade and made some new clothes. It is so much fun and every time i see my closet I see changes that I want to make one day or smile when I see my strange little outfits made from draperies and other stuff. If you don t smile when you wash your clothes and seeing them drying in the sun it´s something wrong with the clothes! This one on the picture is not a dress but a two piece a short sun top and a short skirt but because its freezing winter with a shirt under and some pants.

Also I try to practice painting details humans and backgrounds so thats why all these ego pictures until I feel better about painting friends and others. Feels easier to start with to because I´m already a cartoon in my head. Dont be afraid to destroy your clothes! peace =)


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